What is CopyTrader Pro?

‌CopyTrader Pro gives you access to three different functions:
‌1. Manage trades - With one simple interface, you are granted simplified access to Binance (with many more cryptocurrency exchanges coming soon). You can place a Trade, with the ability to place stop-loss and take profit orders simultaneously.
2. Follow traders - You can follow a trader manually: all of the trader's trades (with entry price, stop-losses, take profit levels and status) will be listed under the trader's profile.
3. Copy traders - By copying a trader your exchange account will automatically copy the trader's exchange account. All trades will be executed automatically without the need to interfere.

What do I need to start trading?

‌There are a few steps you have to finish before you can create trades on CopyTrader Pro. First, you have to sign up and log in. Your account also needs to be connected to an exchange account (currently only Binance accounts are supported).
‌You can sign up for an account here.
‌You can connect an exchange by clicking your profile icon on the top right corner, clicking 'My Profile', then 'My Exchanges' and clicking 'Connect an exchange'
If you need more help connecting your exchange account, please see our guide

What does 'follow' mean?

‌By following a trader you can see the trader's trading activity and history. You can manually follow his trades by visiting an exchange and posting orders as usual. In order to follow a trader, you don't need to connect your exchange account and there is no automatic execution.

‌What does 'copy' mean?

‌By copying a trader, your account will automatically execute the trader's trading activity. In order to copy a trader, you have to connect your exchange account (currently Binance is supported) to your account. You can connect an exchange by clicking here and clicking 'Add new'.
‌All the trades coming from the trader will be executed automatically on your end. You will be asked to specify the percentage of your portfolio you want to allocate for copying. The amounts for the copied trades will be calculated proportionately.