What does 'copying' mean?

‌By copying a trader, your account will automatically execute the trader's trading activity. In order to copy a trader, you have to connect your exchange account (currently Binance is supported) to your CopyTrader Pro account. You can connect an exchange by clicking here and clicking 'Add new'.
‌All the trades coming from the trader will be executed automatically on your end. You will be asked to specify the percentage of your portfolio you want to allocate for copying. The amounts for the copied trades will be calculated proportionately.

Can I copy more than one trader?

Yes. You can copy as many traders as you want. You can allocate your capital for each trader separately.

How do I stop copying somebody?

Navigate to the "My Copied Traders" on the left side menu
You can see a list of traders that you are currently copying. Choose your trader you want to stop copying and click the arrow on the left side of the list.
On the trader's profile page click the red toggle button.

How do I allocate more/less money on copying a trader?

Navigate to the right side menu and click My Copied Traders.
Choose your trader and click the right side arrow on the list.
On the traders' profile page, click "edit" under the red toggle button.
You will be asked to specify the amounts you want to allocate to copying.