Results and statistics

Where can I check my profits?

You have profits on your own trades and profits on copied traders.
You can check your returns on trades in the Open Trades or Closed Trades section.
You can also check you returns on copying in the My Copied Traders section of the main menu.
Your profits are displayed under the RoE value, with RoE USD for dollar returns and RoE BTC for bitcoin returns.

How do you calculate Return on Equity?

RoE calculations are based on a snapshot taken of your connected balances every 6 hours. We call this time periods.
The formula is the following for any given period:

ROE = (E1-E0+W-D) / (E0+max(D-W))

E0 - your balance at the start of the period
E1 - your balance at the end of the period
W - withdrawals during the period
D - deposits during the period
max(D-W) - maximum positive difference caused by withdrawals and deposits on your balance during the given period

Are my profits calculated in dollars or cryptocurrencies?

Your profits are calculated in US dollars and Bitcoin. Keep an eye on "RoE USD" and "RoE BTC" on CopyTrader Pro.