Which crypto exchanges can I connect?

Currently, only Binance (spot) is supported. More crypto exchanges are coming soon.

Which crypto exchanges will you support in the future?

We would like to support as many crypto exchanges as necessary for your smooth trading experience. We will be working on integrating one of the more popular futures exchanges soon.

Can I try CopyTrader Pro without a subscription?

‌Some features of CopyTrader Pro are free to use. You can use our trading interface to post and manage trades on crypto exchanges. You can also browse our website, and forums, and see traders' performances.

What is the difference between following and copying?

Copying is an automated process, where your exchange account will mirror a traders' account: it will open and close the same positions, on the same pairs. Thus, your profit and loss will be the same as that of the traders. All trades are executed automatically.
Following is done manually. By navigating to a trader's profile, you can see all the things (buys, sells, openings and closing for trades) that the trader is doing. You can choose to follow his trades manually by opening a position on Copytrader Pro or by going to your favorite exchange and posting a trade there.